Dream CardsDream Cards illustrations are
© 1991 Roger and Linda Garland. Card Symbolism and Wisdom Statements © 1991 Strephon Kaplan-Williams.
No material should be used for commercial purposes without permission from Journey Press The Netherlands.
The Dream Cards Interactive are a powerful tool to help you interpret your dreams and to uncover a new perspective in life. There are 66 Dream Cards. In this Dream Cards Interactive we use 59 Dream Cards with 9 key images on each card. Strephon Kaplan-Williams arranged these 59 cards into 16 Life States. To enter, click on the Life State of the dominant energy at work in your life. Then just follow the instructions!

A word of wisdom   Because the Dream Cards are full of evocative symbolic images based on archetypal dynamics, please use the Dream Cards consciously. Certainly everyone's experiences with the Dream Cards are subject to their own interpretation. Please assume full responsibility for any conclusions you may make regarding any use of the Dream Cards. Enter the experience with open eyes and make your own choices.
Lifes State Hurting healing negativity joyful resistance prosperity beginning crisis pportunity<empty> hurting loss choosing sickness loving frustrated courage ending