THE DREAMCARDS COURSE FOR BEGINNERS will help you to work with the Dream Cards. You can also work online with the Dream Cards Interactive.

Each coursework on this website is based upon methods from Strephon Kaplan-Williams' books.

For users of the Dream Cards Strephon wrote the Dream Cards Recipes with 40 new ways of using the Dream Cards.

1 • Shuffle your Dream Cards. Pick blindly from the deck a Card of Focus for this week. Meditate to it letting thoughts come.

2 • Take your Card of Focus, study its images and read the same numbered Wisdom Card. Write the issues and insights that come.

3 • Focus on an issue at the start of the day. Shuffle and take a Card. Write or discuss what it evokes in terms of your issue.

4 • Focus on an issue at the end of the day. Shuffle and take a Card. How does it reflect on what happened in your day? Write or express.

5 • If you have three Cards chosen, meditate on their relations to each other and what it means for you.

6 • Review the three companion Wisdom Cards and write or talk about the teachings for you.

7 • Ask the Dream Cards how you have done this week by shuffling and drawing a Card. Note your reactions.

8 • With a friend each choose a Card from the shuffled deck and say what your own Card means to you.

9 • Two Card Spread: Shuffle and choose first Card for yourself and second Card for your issue. Relate the two.

10 • Look at your Two Card Spread and use its themes and insights to focus on during your day. Evaluate.

11 • Describe a conflict to a friend or in writing. Shuffle and choose a Breakthrough Card. React.

12 • Ask the Cards what you most need to focus on during your day? Shuffle and choose one Card.

13 • Re-look at the Cards of this week for connections. Consult their Wisdom Cards.

14 • Use your Cards to do a One Card Reading with someone else today. Let the insights flow.

15 • Shuffle and choose a new Card to focus on for the week. What issues are emphasized?

16 • Look through your Cards and pick one to three Cards which have strong energy for you.

17 • Do a Relationship Spread by choosing a Card for yourself and the other person.

18 • Do a Relationship Spread by you and another each picking a Card blindly and sharing.

19 • Take the day off from Dream Cards work but not from inner wisdom.

20 • Shuffle and pick a Card to meditate on. At the end of day review the Card.

21 • Review Cards for the week. List issues and insights and what happened.

22 • Make a choice today based on perspective gained from choosing a Card blindly from the shuffled deck.

23 • Define an issue. Choose a Card blindly for two possibilities and note your reactions. What do the Wisdom Cards say?

24 • What is your fear regarding using the Cards? Shuffle and draw a Card on your fear issue. Respond, read Wisdom Card for insight.

15 • What is your issue in being positive towards life? Choose a Card on this. Respond. Then choose a Breakthrough Card if needed.

26 • Work on a breakthrough where things are not moving. Define the issue. Shuffle. Choose a Breakthrough Card and react.

27 • Review your Cards for the week. Look for themes, repeat images and issues. What wisdom principles surface?

28 • Take all your Cards for the month and arrange in a pattern how you feel it. Make connections. Summarize.